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Whaley Park Instructor Refresher - 13 September

Gourmet breakfast burritos for the instructor refresher at Whaley Park will be provided by Simmzy's Pub. Check them out!

OEC Refreshers 2015

Hi OEC Instructors,

The Farwest Southern California Region has started their run on OEC Refreshers. First up is the Instructor refresher at Whaley Park, Sept 13th. See Doug Hill's Whaley Park News for details.

Other Refresher Dates:
Claremont - Cahuilla Park - Sept 27th
Las Vegas - UNLV - Sept 19th
Snow Valley - Snow Valley - Oct 17th
Bear/Summit - Oct 25th

Other News:
Logs, Logs, Logs, and Instructor Site Access verified by Instructor

For those who have: A) Read the email blast on sent June 5th, B) Have sent their Activity Logs in, and C) Confirmed they had access to the Instructor site, thanks.

For everyone else, enough said on the topic.

Hybrid Refresher Instructions - (For IORs and those who really want to know the details)
For Hills planning to run the a Hybrid Refresher this year, see the attached file regarding Hybrid registration process.

OEC Class Exams Instructions - (For IORs, ITs, Instructors - primarily for those who might be an IOR/IT some day)
The NSP has released instructions for those running OEC Classes. Many of the "guidelines" are the same, some are new (e.g. Exam Score Tracking), some are mentioned to confirm long standing guidelines. See the attached files on Exams for info.

Share the Instructor news with your fellow OEC Instructors (as I still may not have every one's email address)!

See everyone soon at Whaley Park.

Steve Sue
OEC-San Diego
Regional OEC Admin (ROA)
Farwest Division - Southern California Region
Snow Valley Mtn Patrol

**** Whaley Park News*******

The Southern California Region 2015 OEC Cycle B Instructor Refresher will be held on Sunday, September 13, at Whaley Park in Long Beach as in the past. This event is open only to OEC Instructors, not patrollers. Check in at the park begins at 7:30AM.
New requirement this year: You must bring your completed Refresher Study Workbook to gain entrance to the refresher. Refresher IORs cannot sign off a patroller for completing the refresher unless the the Refresher Study Workbook is completed. These will be collected and checked. This is a new NSP requirement, not ours. Instructors should also review the OEC Refresher Cycle B Instructor's Guide. If you have not received your Refresher Workbook or downloaded the Refresher Instructor's Guide, you may download these documents from the NSP web site at This event also counts as an OEC Continuing Education Clinic for all attending instructors, which is a requirement for all instructors. All Instructors must attend an OEC CE component at least once every three years.

Also, remember to bring a beach-type chair, your stocked first-aid belt, pack or vest, your OEC card, your NSP card or number, your CPR pocket mask, your CPR card and money if you are taking the CPR recertification course, sun lotion, and drinks and snacks to last you through the refresher. There will be no lunch breaks. We are also working on providing you a catered buffet breakfast to start the morning, but that has not been finalized as of this date. You should study the CPR material in advance if you are going to participate in the CPR recertification course. The latest CPR Guidelines are attached.

Directions to Whaley Park: The park is in Long Beach near CSULB. Exit the 405 freeway at Bellflower Blvd., go south on Bellflower, turn left on Atherton, park is one block on right side of Atherton. Parking is available at the park and also across the street around the other park.

Questions regarding the instructor refresher: Call or e-mail Doug Hill:
Home: 714-638-2103
Office:  310-375-9700
Cell:  310-291-1735

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