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2018 Burbank OEC Tuition

2018 Burbank OEC Tuition

from 121.00

Course #F016180001

Class meets Mon. & Wed. 7:00-10 PM. Please contact Instructor of Record to Register: wjw.053@live.com

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National Ski Patrol Membership and Class fees

  1. You must register first as an ASSOCIATE MEMBER of NSP at NSP.ORG. Membership fee is $65.00  It can take 48 hours to validate your membership. Please sign up, at least two days prior to orientation.
  2. Your registration will assign a six-digit membership number that will allow you to enroll in the NSP/Outdoor Emergency Care course. 
  3. Sign in with your membership number.  Go to MEMBER RESOURCES and select COURSE SCHEDULE.  Look for the COURSE NUMBER STARTS WITH, and enter F016180001.  Click on the OUTDOOR EMERGENCY CARE hyperlink. Click on REGISTER MYSELF, and pay the $60 exam fee through the shopping cart.
  4. Once you have registered for the OEC course than your name will show up on the instructor's OEC course roster.
  5. The Instructor of Record (Wayne Wong or representative) will contact you to confirm your registration.
  6. You must have the Outdoor Emergency Care 5th Edition text book or electronic version, before the first night of class. 
  7. Outdoor Emergency Care class fee is $195.00 for the Conventional course, $121 for the Challenge course.
  8. To register go to socalnsp.org click shop Then select 2018 Burbank OEC Tuition. Purchase this item to register for Course# F016180001. 
  9. There will be no refunds after the second class session .
  10. Either of these credentials will be required:  American Heart Association CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer or American Red Cross for the Professional Rescuer.  This certification course will be available prior to final testing. Contact Wayne Wong for details.      

Please be advised:

  • You must be register as an associate member of NSP.
  • You must complete all exercises in the OEC 5th Text. 
  • You must wear a watch or timepiece with second hand to all class sessions and the final evaluation.
  • Please do all assigned chapters in the OEC 5th text prior to each class meeting.

We are excited to have you in our class and will do everything in our power to help you succeed. We need each of you to give your best effort every time!  Please contact Wayne Wong wjw053@live.com if you need to miss a class or having any difficulties with the course materials. We are here to help.

 Welcome to the best adventure you may ever experience‚Ķ. Your OEC Instruction team.