Southern California Region


Regional Awards

National Ski Patrol honors excellence in a multitude of disciplines.  

We proudly acknowledge our regional patrollers that have been recognized at Division and National level as the best-of-the-best.

Program Advisor:  Barbara Baxter  awards@socalnsp.org

  Honorees receiving national recognition

Honorees receiving national recognition


Honorees recognized by Far West Division


  Dave Moore

Outstanding Alpine Patroller - Male

Richard Choi

  Cita Bodea

Outstanding Alpine Patroller - Female

Linda Roth Big Bear Ski Patrol


Outstanding Alpine Patrol - Large

Big Bear Ski Patrol 

  Mt. Baldy Ski Patrol

Outstanding Alpine Patrol - Small

Mt. Baldy Ski Patrol 



Outstanding Nordic Patrol

So Cal Nordic - Mt. Pinos Ski Patrol 

Dennis Bentson.png

Outstanding Professional Patroller

Dennis Bentson, Snow Valley Mountain Patrol


Outstanding Mountain Host

Kevin D'Avignon, Snow Valley Mountain Patrol


Outstanding Young Adult Patroller

Not Awarded this year


Outstanding First Year Patroller

Jake Krasnov, Lee Canyon Ski Patrol


Jack Moskowitz Pursuit of Excellence

Doug Hill Big Bear Ski Patrol


Outstanding Nordic Patroller

Steve Newman, So Cal Nordic - Mt Pinos

  Tina Choi-Nelson

Outstanding OEC Instructor

Steve Sue Snow Valley Mountain Patrol


Region Directors Award

Barbara Baxter Big Bear Ski Patrol


John Hanson Memorial Award

Austin Regg, So Cal Nordic Mt. Pinos


Outstanding Patroller

Peter Fischer, So Cal Nordic - Mt Pinos


Outstanding NSP Instructor

Cassius "Cash" Murphey So Cal Nordic Mt Pinos


Dave Tollakson Memorial Award for Outst MTR Instructor

Austin Regg So Cal Nordic Mt Pinos