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The Southern California Region of National Ski Patrol offers several programs that support, educate, and enhance the patrol experience.



An Alumni Member is a special registration category for people who, for various reasons, decide to no longer provide emergency care or rescue services, but wish to continue their relationship with the National Ski Patrol. 



NSP has been providing avalanche education to ski patrollers and other search and rescue personnel since 1957, making it the oldest and most experienced avalanche education association for rescue professionals in the U.S. NSP offers avalanche education for general recreationists as well.



The Certified Program enables patrollers to build upon experiences gained while patrolling and through other NSP programs. This program requires independent training and advance research in order complete the modules and receive certification.


Instructor Development

The National Ski Patrol Instructor Development Program is available to patrollers who want to become an instructor in any of the five NSP educational disciplines: Avalanche, Mountain Travel and Rescue, Outdoor Emergency Care, Outdoor Emergency Transportation, Instructor Development.


Mountain Travel and Rescue

NSP's Mountain Travel and Rescue Program offers a sequence of courses that prepare ski patrollers and others to manage group safety and to participate in search-and-rescue operations in the mountains, including backcountry and off-piste settings. 

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The Nordic program has been an integral part of National Ski Patrol.  Over the years, the program has provided services to backcountry enthusiasts by interfacing with the National Forest Service, different park agencies, and local search and rescue groups. We also provided venue coverage at alpine and Nordic resorts. 


Outdoor Emergency Care

Outdoor Emergency Care® is the NSP’s award-winning training program for patrollers and others in the recreation community who deal with emergency situations.  OEC is considered the standard of training for emergency care in the outdoor environment.


Peer Counseling

Exposure to trauma is an occupational hazard for our first responders . First responders can face horrors that most of us can’t imagine. In helping everyday people in the worst of times,



Search and Rescue

We have the country's first ski patrol dedicated to search and rescue. Our team, made up of National Ski Patrollers in the Far West Division, reports to the State of California's Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA).



The Senior Program is designed for NSP members who aspire to the upper levels of skiing/snowboarding and Outdoor Emergency Care proficiency. It provides a forum in which patrollers can enhance personal skiing/snowboarding and toboggan-handling proficiency, improve their ability to manage OEC scenarios, and expand their patrolling knowledge and skills. 


Outdoor Emergency Transport

Unique to the National Ski Patrol, the Transportation Program offers guidelines for area management to use to set the standard of training for its patrollers who operate toboggans. From training of basic candidates to honing the skills of Transportation instructors, this program ensures training opportunities for members of the NSP.



Cover photo by Mary Lou Johnson, Ski patrol candidate, Mountain High Resort.

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