Southern California Region

Ski & Toboggan


Ski & Toboggan Program

The National Ski Patrol Ski and Toboggan Programs consist of two courses; Senior Skiing / Snowboarding (S/S), and Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET). Both are core courses of the NSP Senior Patroller Program, and to be eligible to participate in these courses the Patroller must first become a Candidate in the Senior Patroller Program. 

The Senior Skiing / Snowboarding course is conducted in a clinic setting where Senior S/S Instructors work with the Candidate to raise his / her level of skiing or snowboarding skills to a Senior Patroller level primarily in long, medium, and short radius turns in all conditions and terrains. Passing the S/S course is a prerequisite to a Candidate taking Outdoor Emergency Transportation, OET. OET is also taught in a clinic setting and the Candidate learns advanced techniques in toboggan handling in various terrains and conditions. 

These are very enjoyable and rewarding programs. We are on our skis / boards in the outdoors, which is one of the reasons we became Patrollers in the first place, and they are conducted with the SFL philosophy: Safety first, have Fun, then Learning.

Program Supervisor 

Gregg Nolan