Southern California Region


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Search and rescue

California Winter Search & Rescue Ski Patrol 

We have the country's first ski patrol dedicated to search and rescue. Our team, made up of National Ski Patrollers in the Far West Division, reports to the State of California's Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA). The patrol is divided into two ski patrols in the Far West Division.
Our team specializes in winter travel, rescue, survival, and travel in avalanche terrain. If there is a snow rescue in California, the county needing a Winter team, makes contact through Cal EMA. 
To be on the team is you must complete MTR 2, or be a Nordic Senior. The training for Winter SAR starts at that point. You must also be able to ski backcountry by skiing telmark or alpine touring with a 30 lb pack. Some of the skills you will learn are: navigation, GPS, avalanche rescue, rope rescue, helicopter operations, advanced backcountry skiing, and transporting injured lost folks. 

Program Supervisor 

Mike St. Clair wintersar@yahoo.com