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Senior Program

Senior Program 

The senior program is open for all NSP members who aspire to a higher level of patrolling. It is geared towards Patrollers with three or more years experience and completed both the Avalanche 1 and Mountain Travel & Rescue 1 courses. The program provides a forum in which Patrollers can enhance personal skiing/snowboarding and toboggan-handling proficiency, improve their ability to manage outdoor emergency care, and expand their patrolling knowledge and skills. The Senior Program is also excellent preparation for Patrollers looking to move into leadership roles in NSP and the Certified Patroller program. 

The Senior program consists of six core and elective requirements. It is designed for Alpine, Nordic, and Auxiliary Patrollers, with variations for each discipline. 

Training is an essential part of the Senior Program. Senior Candidates are expected to spend a significant amount of time reviewing Senior criteria and using the required knowledge and skills to practice scenarios on challenging, senior-level, terrain under various conditions in the patrolling environment. 

Program Supervisor 

Gregg Nolan