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  • Wardlow Park 3457 Stanbridge Avenue Long Beach, CA, 90808 United States (map)


The Southern California Region 2019 OEC Cycle C Instructor Refresher will be held on Sunday, September 15, at a new location, Wardlow Park, which is about 2½ miles north of Whaley Park in Long Beach where we have held this event in the past. This event is open only to OEC Instructors and OEC Instructor Candidates, not patrollers. Check in at the park begins at 7:30AM.
The requirements are the same as last year: Everyone must complete 3 things before you attend any Southern California refresher:

1. You must pre-register on line for the course you are attending in order to be included on the course roster. Log-in to your member page at
NSP.organd select the "Course Schedule" tab. Enter the course number (the Wardlow Park OEC Cycle C Refresher is Course #F050190025) and click "FIND". Then click on the course title and hit the "Register Myself" button. Follow the instructions through to your shopping cart and confirmation page.

Wardlow Park is alsoan OEC Instructor Continuing Education Course. If you would like credit for attending the OEC-ICE Course also, follow the same procedure as above to enroll. The course number for the OEC Instructor Continuing Education Course is #F050190026.You should register for both as a student (not an instructor). Be sure to follow the instructions through the checkout. There is no charge for these courses.

2. You must complete the OEC Cycle C On-line Hybrid Refresher and print the completion certificate to bring to the hands-on refresher. Go to your NSP page, and choose the "Member Resources" tab. Scroll down a little to the square tiles and choose the last tile in the top row called "Online Learning". If you have taken an online course before, you already have an account. If not, choose the "new student" box and create an account. Click on the box that says "Click Here to Enter the Online Learning Management System." Once in, click on "Courses" at the top of the page, select the "2019 OEC Cycle C On-Line Module", and click on "Introduction" to begin the course. It consists of 13 mini-modules and takes about 2 hours to complete. You can stop after any module is complete and log-out. It will remember where you were when you log back in. At the end, you must complete the survey and only then can you print the completion certificate to bring to the refresher.

3. As in the past, you must also complete the Refresher Study Workbook that you received in the mail
and bring it to the refresher to be reviewed at check-in.

You will not be admitted to the refresher unless these three items are completed!!!

Instructors should also review the OEC Refresher Cycle C Instructor's Guide. If you have not received your Refresher Workbook or downloaded the Refresher Instructor's Guide, you may download these documents from the NSP web site at nsp.org under OEC Instructor Resources.

Also, remember to bring a beach-type chair, your stocked first-aid belt, pack or vest, your OEC card, your NSP card or number, your CPR pocket mask, your CPR card, CPR book and money if you are taking the CPR recertification course, sun lotion, and drinks and snacks to last you through the refresher. There will be no lunch breaks. You should study the CPR material in advance if you are going to participate in the CPR recertification course. The latest CPR Guidelines are attached.

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