Southern California Region



The 2017 Big Bear Ski Patrol candidate class completed the Outdoor Emergency Training (OET) portion of their training on February 25 and are now in the process of completing their on-the-hill mentoring. The core of the OET program is to learn is how to safely transport an injured skier or boarder from any location on the mountain to the first aid room or other advanced care. This training typically starts in December - conditions willing - and with training sessions every other weekend concludes in late February to early March. Candidates train in all weather conditions and progress from the easiest runs to the most difficult including transporting a toboggan through mogul fields. For most candidates, this is the "fun" part of their training, although it is also the most physically demanding.

If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to become a member of ski patrol at Big Bear Mountain Resorts, send an email to iwant2patrol@gmail.com

Back: Dan Ramirez, Linda Roth, Richard Roth, Josh Waite, Justin Santarosa, Grae Halsne, Stanley Arai, David Haklis, David Kemmer, Will Conway, Cliff Chewning, Bo Schindele, Dave Nelson

Kneeling: Rene Perez, Sam Swamy, Jackie Valdez, Wallace Lowe, Clayton Wright, Danni Nieman, Darren Church, Jon Onaga, Mark Kukla

(Italicized names are instructors)